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Canadian-born Artist Chris Ramos is driven by all things music, with the power of melody and emotion at its core. Starting as a classically trained pianist, he seamlessly transitioned into the roles of Producer, Engineer, and Songwriter, demonstrating an impeccable ear for detail and unwavering passion for all things musical.


From humble beginnings at the age of 16, Chris’ talent has propelled him to #36 on the Billboard Hot Dance chart while rocking #92 on Beatport's Top 100. He’s found his way onto chart-topping compilations, fearlessly conquering the #1 spot in Dance Albums.


His record "This Is Love” with Tritonal has garnered 25,000,000 total streams and became a favorite at renowned festivals like Tomorrowland and UMF; captivating audiences with its infectious energy, and gaining unwavering support of industry heavyweights such as Tiesto, Don Diablo, and iconic Darude!

As a performer, Chris’ talents have led him to grace multiple residencies in prominent clubs, including the prestigious "The Hoxton." He’s had the privilege of providing support for Porter Robinson, Madeon and Deniz Koyu to name a few. His sets are known for both their perfectly crafted openings, and their electrifying headlining closers. His captivating performances keep audiences enthralled until the very end.


Beyond the fold, Chris has kept himself busy with an insatiable appetite for all things music. Founding 'Feels Like Records,’ Chris’ vision nurtures and develops emerging talents, fostering a creative and supportive environment, ensuring the music industry’s future is in capable hands. He’s also flexed his creative muscles collaborating with sync companies to create fresh, emotional, and attention-grabbing tracks for international brands and video games.


Chris Ramos is an artist with an inexhaustible well of ideas. His talent is both distinctive and unreplicable, leaving no doubt as he fearlessly challenges the status quo while embracing new challenges and defying expectations.

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